Ideal CLOUD solution

for effective monitoring and management of sales activities.
Identify problems on time, create response strategy and improve business processes.
Direct your employees in a timely manner, and enable them to enter and track information in a simple way.


SOVTBI consists of two main modules, which, in combination with business intelligence, provide quick insight into your business processes. 

SO module (SalesOut)
Enables integration of internal and external data, where data is combined in a way that it creates a unified database. Full potential is reached when such database is connected to internal ERP, IMS or other system.

The module contains a uniformity part that translates the external client and product names into the internal once, enabling you to use your own classification of titles, and create an unlimited number of categories.

Application gives you the possibility to:

VT Module (Visit Tracking)

Allows tracking of marketing activity from the field. It will help you increase productivity and reduce the time period needed for receiving key information. You can enter the activities you have performed, while waiting for the next one, and at the same time, preparing for conversations based on CLOUD history.

BI Module (Business Intelligence)

Enables you to analyze all data using the principles of business intelligence, such as usage of distinct graphics and tables with “real-time data”. It allows you to respond to the problem quickly and efficiently as well as to restrict access to users, and define different levels of access to information. The module provides a quick overview of the history based on parameters (time, region, product, etc.).

SOVTBI characteristics:

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