Software categories


Selection Software     Selection offers

Allows to calculate the units at different working condition giving to the user the possibilities to make fast and correct offers. The selections are saved in a database on the server to allow to the administrator to have in real time statistics and information about the sales network. All the selection software is connected to the part load and energetic analysis application.

Energetic Analaysis     Energetic analysis

Evaluation of electrical and water consumption by using a climatic database. The procedure is being developed for chiller, heat pump, air conditioner, free cooling, remote condenser and dry cooler. The application works considering the part load of the compressors, the condensing control and the changes at the air flow for the fans.

Part Load     Part load

In order to calculate the correct electrical consumption in different conditions, our applications consider the part load of the compressors and of the fans. To do it we consider the situation with ON/OFF equipment and with inverter. The refrigerant circuit is simulated in order to check the different efficiency of the compressors. The applications simulate also the condensing control reducing the fans speed in function of the working conditions.


3D Production Software     3DPRO

Allows automatic 3D model creation, as well as complete production documentation as well as specific programs for CNC machines. It is an extension of appropriate Selection Software, and has the name 3DPRO.


Eurovent Requirement    Eurovent requirenments_01

Our application is aligned to the Eurovent requirements. In particular we have developed and obtained the Eurovent certification for AHU Software and Fan coils selection software. At the moment we are working to have the Eurovent certification also for coils software.For units. with compressors we apply the EN14511 normative and we have developed the energetic coefficient ESEER, SEER, SCOP in according with Eurovent rules.


Business Information Technology (BIM)     bim_logo

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that equips architecture, engineering, and construction professionals wit the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.