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February 1989

IDEA Software was founded. Starts to work in HVAC plants design/calculation and acquire the first major contracts.


were very productive years. IDEA was a major player at national level in the development of applications for the design of civil and industrial air conditioning systems alongside some of the major Italian companies in the field (MARELLI, Aerimpianti, ASTER, etc.).


was a turning point. IDEA addressed the field of HVAC equipment manufacturers and the one of components for heat exchange production. The market was expanding and the business was growing significantly.


IDEA focused its attention mainly to companies that assemble components and design chillers, started relationships with manufacturers of components.


IDEA multiplied activities with manufacturers and consolidated its leadership as a supplier of software in this niche market. The company developed a selection software for air handling units that have been acquired in a short time by a big number of Italian companies. We developed products specifically for the calculation of components performance, the experience acquired allowed the development of standard procedures for the calculation of heat exchangers and compressors performances.


positions were consolidated. IDEA began to export its products gaining interesting new experiences. IDEA started to seriously engage in Web based products and developed the first applications, strictly dynamic for INTERNET. The investment was considerable but the results were worth it.


were the years of intense activity. IDEA increased its presence in the Italian market and at the same time started to acquire a significant  shares of the foreign ones. Major contracts were signed in China.


IDEA took advantage of the period of relative crisis to invest in a new software for the analysis of systems/products energy efficiency. The package was very much appreciated and gave a new impetus to IDEA.


opening of the headquarters in Switzerland. IDEA was fast growing in foreign markets that now represent 70% of its sales. The company needed to achieve a truly international presence to continue on its growth path.


web development had a strong surge in the market and IDEA was one of the few companies that has been able to meet the ever increasing demands of customers in this field. Investments made in the past on web technologies have started to generate important results.


The 85% of the development was made in WEB which is the main platform proposed to the customers.IDEA increased its structure opening a new office in Sarajevo (BiH) where it started with a program of cooperation with Microsoft.


Started with 3D development for AHU (Air Handling Units) and for Heat Exchnagers in order to enable automatic production documentation generation and 3D models.


More than 2500 users on 20 cloud servers. Mechanico – all the benefits of BIM combined with our web selection software. Fan selection software.