July 9, 2021

SOVTBI – Worker job attendance table

What did we address this time? Regular time waste, how to track and keep everything updated. BENEFITS No need to follow separate. SOVTBI new release includes […]
March 4, 2021

SOVTBI 4.0.0 – New Poject Kick Off

SOVTBI application for Drink Distribution Center SOVTBI Core platform as beginning for a fast kick of with all needed features such as Login, DB Administration, Permissions […]
January 19, 2021

SOVTBI 4.0.0 – New Release

SOVTBI 4.0.0. version released. Completely new design and features: control of marketing material, enhanced visit details entry, territory coverage map view, alerts, and more…
October 16, 2019

SOVTBI 3.0.0 – New Release, 10 years of know how

  New CRM for Pharmacy industry launched. All know how in the last 10 years combined into one powerful app->SOVTBI version 3.0.0. Faster, user friendly, responsive, full of […]