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IDEA is happy to announce a completely new approach to the selection process.


We are giving the possibility to make Automatic calculation’s based on input parameters which are supplied as an excel file. This approach allows fast selection process for unlimited number of units at same time. As result the user receives an automatically created and at same time optimized offer. The optimization priority can be set by the producer (per size, price, capacity and similar).

With a rising number of government and commercial organizations mandating BIM, now is the time where we have decided to connect all BIM benefits with our Software.

As result, a new real time connection is now available between our Web Selection Software and Autodesk Revit, Building Information Modeling (BIM) software with integrated solutions for Architectural, Structural and MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) design.

The benefits are:

  • Increased collaboration and communication across project teams (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.).
  • Unit selection process starts with the start of BIM Project;
  • Designer has full control of unit selection process by using producer familiar interface;
  • Input data (project temperatures, number of units, sizes) is transferred automatically from BIM Project to IDEA Web Selection Software;
  • Calculation is optimized, done automatically and a new offer created with complete products specification and price (optional). Offer contains user defined brand (unit designation, language);
  • Calculation results are sent back to BIM Project for update of White Brand1 models;
  • BIM Software reads the data (data stored in the Manufacturers database), updates dimensions and all calculated properties of each unit within the project.
  • Designer has the possibility to export BIM Project data as known Brand for the contracting documentation;
  • Defined project can be shared with Contractors and/or Investor within a browser.

Further options:

  • Automatic creation and balancing of the pipeline/duct model is done after update of all units;
  • Connection between internal (fan coils) and external units (chiller, coolers, etc.);
  • clash detection2 (avoiding collision between elements)

We have updated our Energetic Analysis calculation for chiller, dry cooler and condenser (options of: free cooling, part load, adiabatic system etc.), to give now even more precise energy consumption analysis.

This is possible by taking location data directly from the BIM Project, where our standard calculation is based on frequency table for each temperature within a year.

The new option allows us to calculate the correct heating/cooling load by knowing for each hour/day temperatures for each room. This is done by considering building material properties, its orientation and type (residential, office, warehouse etc.).

1 White Brand unit – 3D model inside a project with not known brand, just information about required capacity, project temperatures and similar. Well known term for tender documentation.

2 Clash Detection – a clash occurs when elements of different models occupy the same space, for example: pipes passing through walls or overlapping of any kind of installation and building structure. It is used for checking completed/ongoing work and reduces the risk of human error during model inspections.