Idea Software was founded in 1989 with the aim of producing software for engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration companies. Over the years the company has become appreciated for a new approach to the problems of this industry having understood the need to connect the purely technical aspects of the design requirements to the need of managing and organizing the technical data to be processed or acquired.

Idea Software stood out for its ability to translate client requirements into software, for making this software easy to be understood and used and therefore to be directly controllable by the customer. Moreover Idea Software created data management systems that allow companies to keep the proprietary information about their product private and secure. Our commitment is to continue on this path even while growing in size and with a range of products in constant evolution.

Vision  & mission

  • Provide solutions to connect the technical aspects of design management and commercial needs
  • Identify customer requirements and produce software technical sales service sales network
  • Simulate using algorithms operation of Thermodynamic systems and Aerodynamic with a focus on energy assessments
  • Provide an innovative and flexible approach to the specific issues of the plant sector, air conditioning and refrigeration